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"The pasta tasted so incredibly fresh I quite literally could not stop eating. The quality is unbelievable and you get so much for your money. Can’t wait to order again!"

"Thank you so much for the delicious delivery of freshly made farfalle and spinach and ricotta sauce. The marriage of these ingredients together was divine which we savoured eating for lunch. I shall definitely be ordering from you again."



"Thank you so much Sarah in the Kitchen. Not only did your food taste amazing but so beautifully packaged. The pasta was so fresh and tasty and your sauce, tomato and basil, was amazing. Loved it! Thank you."

"The pasta and sauce we had last night were absolutely delicious. Perfect portion size and we very much enjoyed it. Thank you! I will definitely come back for more."



"Sarah's pasta and sauces are so delicious! Glowing five-star reviews from all the family."

"I ordered from Deliziosa and it was fabulous. Amazing fresh pasta and fabulous tomato sauce infused with fresh herbs. Fantastic packaging and the service was great. I would highly recommend."



"Deliziosa is genuinely impressive on all accounts. From the freshness of the pasta to the richness of the flavours to the incredibly generous and kind service, I expect Deliziosa to go very far. Mouth-wateringly good."

"I ordered the garganelli pasta with the spinach and ricotta sauce and it was honestly sensational. It was light but super tasty and so much better than eating out. So impressed that it’s all homemade too!"



"I had the most incredible meal provided by Deliziosa. The pasta tasted amazing and I love that everything was homemade with quality ingredients. It made my evening into a fantastic experience."

"The pasta was delicious! Thank you and we will order again soon."


Maria Luisa

"I used your pesto guide to make homemade pistachio pesto. It tasted great and the guide is so helpful as well. I'm going to try some other variations!"

"I started following your page when I was going through cancer and your posts have inspired me so much. Not only are your recipes so great, healthy and above all accessible, but your positivity and continuity are so uplifting"



"I really admire what you do! I think it's amazing that you've turned something negative like cancer into something so amazing. Being someone who is also interested in nutrition and fitness, I'm really looking forward to seeing your posts on my feed!"

"Your Instagram page is amazing and your message of promoting health and self-care is beautiful and inspiring."



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