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Our Story

Sarah in the Kitchen is a resource to inspire you to create delicious and nourishing food from the ease of your own home. Starting from a personal blog sharing simple recipes and meal inspiration, we've evolved into a growing social media community centred on authenticity, sustainability and health.

I've always found cooking a joyful experience; my family are Jewish and Italian so food has been an integral part of my culture and upbringing. I started to teach myself basic recipes at a young age, experimenting with flavours and learning through television shows and books. I started to pay more attention to my parents in the kitchen, watching my Dad make his weekly pasta sauce and my Mum make her comforting soups on cold and rainy days. Cooking became more than a hobby; it was a form of self-expression and creativity that connected me to my family and friends.

In 2017, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. I had a long and invasive operation followed by radioiodine therapy and heavy medication. I was 20 years old and halfway through my year in industry with The Walt Disney Company. I was instructed to take 2 months off to recover and during this time I started my first food blog, The Hopeful Kitchen. The blog became the sole focus of my recovery; it gave me a sense of purpose and cooking became a form of physical and emotional therapy. It was tough at the start, I felt weak and dizzy while I cooked and barely had any appetite to taste the food I had made. Over time, I slowly started to feel more like myself and was inspired by other cancer survivors who had also started blogs during their recovery. I continued The Hopeful Kitchen throughout my final year at The University of Sussex and graduated with a first class honours in media practice with a professional placement.

After university, I secured my first food-based position as an intern at MOB Kitchen. I was heavily involved in recipe development and gained valuable experience assisting cooking demonstrations and book shoots. I used this new-found knowledge to reinvent my food blog with exciting recipes, eye-catching images and an additional focus on ethical eating. I changed the name to Sarah in the Kitchen and started to focus on the type of cook I wanted to be.

The UK went into lockdown in March 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We became housebound and our days revolved around mealtimes and exercise. Everyone was told to embrace the new normal; going back to basics and incorporating protective practices into our daily routines. Like the majority of people, I spent a lot of time in the kitchen. I had purchased some plants prior to lockdown and decided to explore the garden-to-table movement by growing my own food at home. I watched my herbs and vegetables flourish and I knew this was the kind of cook I wanted to be, using fresh produce to create sustainable and flavourful meals.

As lockdown eased, I started to explore the food industry for work. The culinary arts are competitive at the best of times, but finding vacancies post-lockdown was almost impossible. One day, after spending hours on LinkedIn searching for jobs, I went down to the kitchen and made fresh pappardelle with wild mushrooms and homegrown thyme for my family. The food was a hit, and I decided then and there to start my own fresh pasta business from home.

I spent the next two months learning traditional pasta making techniques, growing ingredients in my garden and building a small business. Jasmine Samuels (Visual Designer) and Hannah Haine (Illustrator) joined the team, two talented creatives who helped bring Deliziosa to life. We’re only getting started on our journey and I’m so excited to see what we can achieve. To learn more about Deliziosa and place an order, click the button below.

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