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Keep all of our food refrigerated. Please consume our pasta on the day of delivery, and our sauces within 2 days of delivery. Pasta and sauces can be frozen (below -18 °C) on day of delivery and be kept for up to 1 month in the freezer. Pasta should be cooked directly from frozen. When cooking from frozen, cook the pasta for an additional minute. Sauces need to be defrosted overnight before cooking.


All ingredients and allergens are listed on the sauce labels and recipe cards within your pasta box. Our food has been prepared in a kitchen that also prepares gluten, peanuts, nuts, sesame, crustaceans, fish, egg, milk, soya, celery, mustard, lupin, sulphites, and therefore may contain traces of these.


Our pasta is easy to prepare. It cooks in minutes and is extremely versatile. Each box comes with a recipe card that includes all the necessary information to enjoy your meal. Because our pasta is a fresh, artisan product some pieces may be slightly stuck together. If this occurs, gently pull the pieces apart and continue with the cooking instructions.


We're committed to the environment and ensure that all of our packaging and materials are recyclable, reusable and plastic-free. Our use by labels are made from cornstarch and will dissolve when washed with warm water. Our portion pots have the appearance of plastic but are a plastic substitute made from fermented plant starch. We don’t add any preservatives, colourants, additives or flavour enhancers to our food. Our herbs are organic and we cater to a vegetarian and vegan diet.

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